A Step-by-Step Guide to making electrolysed water

What is electrolysed water and how do you make it?

Electrolysed water is a powerful solution that you can use to clean and disinfect pretty much everything in your home. The process of running electricity through a solution, such as salt and water, is known as electrolysis. All it takes is three household ingredients, and at the touch of a button your EVO Home will turn

them into a powerful new solution that you can use to clean, disinfect and deodorise your home. That means no preservatives, no colourants, no fragrances, and no harmful toxins to irritate, cause allergies or harm the environment. Plus, fewer bottles of cleaning products = less plastic!

Step-by-Step Guide

Fill the pitcher with water

Add 2g of refined salt *

Add 5ml of white vinegar **

Give the solution a stir

Close the lid, and place the Pitcher on the Base Station

Press the activate button on the EVO Home and watch the blue lights and bubbles begin

After 5-minutes the process is complete and your electrolysed water is ready

Fill your spray bottle and you are ready to clean, disinfect and deodorise

* it’s important to use fine, non-iodated salt. You’ll receive salt with your EVO Home, but once it’s finished you can purchase non-iodated salt (such as Oryx Desert Salt) at most good local retailers.

** add 5ml of white vinegar per 1 litre of water to create the perfect pH.

To make life simple, we’ve created our own premixed solution of salt and vinegar in an eco-friendly glass bottle. Just add 10ml’s to 1 litre of water. Our 500ml bottle will make 50 litres of electrolysed water.